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Flea Removal Vancouver WA

You do not need pets to have a flea infestation, though they are a big part of them. Fleas can infiltrate your home in a lot of ways, including through your clothing, on your shoes, or, yes, on your pets. They will jump off and make themselves at home in your carpet, in your crawlspace, or in your furniture. While fleas can get into your home in many ways, they do need a host animal to latch onto for food supply, which means people with pets are at a far greater risk than people without pets. If you are in need of Flea Removal, contact us at Paratex- American Pest Management and we will help you deal with the problem.

Fleas are not only annoying when they bite you and your pets, but they can also carry diseases that may be dangerous. They can even carry tape worms, which affect dogs, cats, and humans if ingested. Fleas feed on blood and will bite anything they have access to. There are many flea treatments available for pets, and you should certainly invest in one of those. Paratex can help you deal with the fleas that are in the home. We will eradicate them and get your home clean once again.

Flea Pest Control

Fleas are annoying little creatures that latch onto the nearest animal and bite. If you have a flea problem and have pets, fleas will stay around for a long time if no action is taken. That is why you should contact Paratex. Our staff is well-trained to handle any flea problems, and we work hard to deliver the best in customer service. Take your home back again. Call us today and we can set up a free estimate for you, then get started as soon as you are ready.

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