Powder Post Beetle Removal Vancouver WA

Powder Post Beetle Removal

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Powder Post Beetle Removal Vancouver WA

Powder Post Beetles are one of the more interesting pests in the Pacific Northwest. The adults do not live a very long time. In fact, they only live long enough to lay eggs, setting up foundations for a continued infestation if no action is taken. They attack wood and wood products in the home once they are mature larvae, chewing through furniture and walls at an alarming rate. These larvae do not mature into adults until five years or more have passed, which means they can be chewing through your home for up to five years at a time, only to lay eggs and have the whole process start over again. At Paratex- American Pest Management, we have extensive experience with powder post beetles, and we will work directly with you so you know what our treatments are every step of the way.

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Powder Post Beetle Extermination Vancouver WA

Can live on hard and soft wood. You will notice signs of powder post beetles in your home if your furniture and other wood products start to acquire exit holes. Adult beetles come out of these holes to lay eggs, and your furniture will have a lot of them over time. Powder post beetles can make their homes in hardwood or softwood, but they love areas with high moisture. They usually attack the wood from within, meaning you won’t even know they are there until you come across the exit holes. If you do come across these exit holes, call us at Paratex and we will come out to determine the severity of your infestation.

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Powder Post Beetle Pest Control Vancouver WA

Our treatments are designed to handle even the most stubborn of powder post beetles, and we strive to provide you with the best service available. If you have an infestation of powder post beetles, don’t wait until your furniture falls apart. Give us a call and we will be out to handle the situation before you know it.

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