Mouse Removal Vancouver WA

Mouse Removal

Mouse Removal Vancouver WA

Mice are scavengers always on the lookout for a place that offers significant shelter and a good supply of food. They are constantly in motion, and are attracted to dark areas of your property that also provide a steady source of water for drinking. They like food that is dry for the most part, including grains, nuts, and fruits, but they will eat whatever they can get their hands on if the situation calls for it. You will find mice in your attic, garage, crawlspace, kitchen cabinets, or even inside your car in some circumstances. They are more common during the winter months, as the cold weather pushes them to find shelter. During the summer they may want to hide out from the intense heat as well.

Mice are dangerous pests in that they can infect your food and get into places where you may not expect them. They carry diseases that can be detrimental for you and your family. If you notice mice around your property, call us at Paratex- American Pest Management and we can start with our Mouse Removal Vancouver, WA services today! Mice will make nests in stacks of firewood or in the insulation in your house, which gives them a good vantage point to acquire food and water on a regular basis. For this reason, you should always call in a professional to handle the eradication process.

Mouse and Rodent Exterminator

Mice can also chew through the walls and wiring, causing even more expensive damage if they are left alone. Our staff at Paratex has years of experience dealing with mice. Don’t let the situation get out of hand. Call us as soon as you can if you notice mice on your property and we will work to get them out. Our treatments have proven to be effective and efficient, so contact us today.

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Order Mouse Removal Vancouver WA

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